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Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Wed Aug 2 12:38:51 GMT 2006

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About 1/6 fixed. Thanks. Please find progress report in-line (further
below, in three paragraphs).

Unfortunately, cannot confirm any progress with the other two issues:

*'Update Summary' feature still does not work properly*.  :-(

*The 'Timestamp' function* on 'Update your user profile' page
*still does not work properly*.  :-(

Thanks in advance for prompt response.

31.7.2006 19:05 (UTC+3), Johannes B. Ullrich kirjoitti/wrote:
> I believe the login issues are due to moving from a single web server to
> two load balanced once. The sessions are not yet properly synced (but
> will shortly. still debugging ...)

Managed to login successfully.  :-)

The login issue is now fixed in the sense that successful login in
general is now possible. Thanks for that.

What is actually fixed is the "first login".

Unluckily, subsequent automated logins utilizing the 'Remember me'
option provided at the login page unfortunately fail.

Unluckily, returning to the DShield site fails, when attempting to
target for the pages that require authentication, e.g. Reports Overview

*The 'Remember me' option does not function* at all.  :-(

It would appear that the DShield server resets the content of the cookie
to 'invalid', even if the server had set the contents of the cookie to a
valid string at previous login.

Hence you have to provide your login credentials to the site every time
you return to the site and want to use the features that require

Could this be due to load balancing or something? Is it possible that
the DShield servers are unaware of the cookies' content set by the other
DShield server?

Would appreciate if the advertised 'Remember me' feature worked properly
(or at least intermittently as it did months ago, when it "worked").


>> 2) In Reports Overview at https://secure.dshield.org/ipinfo.php etc. the
>> 'Update Summary' feature does *not* work properly, i.e. the function
>> does *not* produce an updated report as meant.

*'Update Summary' feature still does not work properly*.  :-(

Noticed yesterday and today the following piece of information on the
'IP Info' pages:

Whois: (cached Tue, 01 Aug 2006 20:11:08 +0000)
[/etc/jwhois.conf: Unable to open]

The text "[/etc/jwhois.conf: Unable to open]" reads on all 'IP Info'
pages, which do not update as should, when hitting the 'Update Summary'

Any idea what's cooking, and is anyone working on the issue?

*Does the 'Update Summary' feature work for you*?


>> 3) The 'Timestamp' function on 'Update your user profile' page at
>> https://secure.dshield.org/changes.php does *not work properly*.

*The 'Timestamp' function* on 'Update your user profile' page
*still does not work properly*.  :-(

The last time *the 'Timestamp' function* worked as should for me was
according the information at 'Update your user profile' page

Time Check: 	Last check: *Jan 25th 2006 *. Offset: 0 seconds.

Since then, it has malfunctioned as described (below).

Any idea what's cooking, and is anyone working on the issue?

*Does the 'Timestamp' function work for you*?

>> The packet is sent to my firewall's IP address, but
>> *the 'DShield Timestamp' email message* containing the comparison
>> between [DSield] Our Time and [my time] Your Time *fails to be sent*. At
>> least I have not received any 'DShield Timestamp' email messages during
>> the last few months.
>> Any idea what's cooking, and is anyone working on the issue?
>> *Does the 'Timestamp' function work for you*, i.e.
>> *do you receive the 'DShield Timestamp' email messages*, when you try to
>> use the 'Timestamp' function?
>> Curious to know, are other, distinguished subscribers to this list
>> luckier with these issues at the DShield site? Could the issues be due
>> to my system, or am I possibly boycotted?
>> I understand it is summer and hot now, but at least issues # 2) and 3)
>> are not new, but have existed for several months by now.
>> Thanks in advance for any and all enlightenment.
>> - Pete
>> "If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is
>> favourable to him."
>>          Seneca, Lucius Annaeus (5 BC-65 AD); Roman philosopher.

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