[Dshield] Toolbars & Freeware

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Thu Aug 3 03:58:08 GMT 2006

Definitely sounds like at least "PUS" (potentially unwanted software) to me, if not spy/adware. Not knowing the name of this 'finely
engineered compilation' of code, that would be my best guess from the sounds of the reviews...


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I won't get into details as this is a public list, but I received 
another one of those pleasant emails from a software download site 
offering me extra revenue. I checked into it and received an email from 
the company whom deals with this issue.Further investigation this 
evening showed some nasty reviews from people who downloaded the  
product only to find it contained a toolbar that they had a difficult 
time removing. Some had to remove the product completely to remove the 
toolbar. Certainly raises a red flag on this end. Many reviews consider 
it spyware or adware. How about you ?


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