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John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
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that is what I advocated after hearing of first instance of data 
compromise a few months ago.  But this same obligation (lifetime free 
credit monitoring) should apply to businesses in the private sector who 
maintain sensitive customer data as well.

Paypal by the way now has a deal with Equifax to provide Paypal 
customers with a free service which notifies the user of the service by 
email when his/her credit record (at least the one that Equifax 
maintains) changes.

This is a win-win because not only does the user get notice whenever 
there is a change but Equifax gets the opportunity to "upsell". Below is 
an example of the text of the email that is sent:

    Equifax continuously monitors your credit file for two types of
    changes: Inquiries and balance changes. New inquiries are initiated
    by you or someone who wishes to obtain credit under your name. A
    balance change is a dollar amount or percentage change in your
    credit card account balance reported to Equifax.

    Equifax has detected the following change(s) to your credit file:

        * Balance Amount Change

    We recommend viewing the details of the alert(s) to ensure the
    alert(s) are legitimate. To do this, go to www.equifax.com and log
    in to the Member Center.

    Please note: There may have been other key changes to your credit
    report at Equifax and the other two nationwide Credit Reporting
    Agencies that are not included in your current program. If you'd
    like to have comprehensive knowledge of your credit status, simply
    go to www.equifax.com and upgrade to Equifax Credit Watch^(TM) Gold
    with 3-in-1 Monitoring.

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Tom wrote:
> And again... p ersonal data on 38,000 vets....
> http://cwflyris.computerworld.com/t/751936/264676/28949/2/
> Will they ever learn?  I think I want free credit monitoring for life!
> Tom
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