[Dshield] Another VA laptop missing.....

Fielder, Wayne (CPE) Wayne.Fielder at ky.gov
Tue Aug 8 13:49:16 GMT 2006

The guy responsible for the last exposure will prolly end up getting
canned.  This guy will too.  Doesn't help us tho.  I'm wondering if
there should be some attempt by VA to make this a criminal offense...or
at least somehow chargeable.  There's alot at stake here and I don't see
the rank and file at VA taking this very seriously.  VA mgmt can only do
so much...make the policy, enforce the policy but that's always a
post-facto thing.

Let the beatings commence!  They shall continue until morale improves! 

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And again... p ersonal data on 38,000 vets....


Will they ever learn?  I think I want free credit monitoring for life!

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