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Glenn Jarvis glennjarvis at uppergroove.ca
Sat Aug 12 12:49:30 GMT 2006

Laura Vance mentioned :
> One thing to keep in mind is that any add-on toolbar is going to track
> what web sites you go to.  It may not be adware (pop-up windows), but it
> definitely spies on your Internet activity.  Even the ones that claim
> "our toolbar stops annoying popups" will monitor your activity and apply
> targeted ads when you go onto the site that provided you with the toolbar.
> Depending on your level of concern over Internet activity tracking, you
> may want to also look at all of the sites that provide advertising to
> all of the free sites that use banner ads.  A lot of them come up in an
> IFrame and place a unique cookie into your browser that they can check
> with any of their ads no matter what web site you surf.  They then keep
> track of what sites they saw you visit (where they provide advertising
> in an IFrame) and begin to get a pattern of your activity so they can
> target your ads to your browsing habits.
> We block advertising sites in our proxy here at work, because privacy is
> important at a school.  Not to mention that we have a legal obligation
> to protect the kids from not only illegal activities online but also
> things that /any/ parent might not want their child to see.  I have seen
> that advertising sites try to get people to click on them by any means
> (ie. making it look like a popup window saying to click "ok" if you want
> to make your computer faster, etc), and children are less likely to be
> skeptical of those click-through ads, because they tend to trust
> computers more than a lot of adults.
> Anyway, this is all just food for thought.
Thank you for your input Laura. I wish I could have been able to get 
into more detail, but I didn't wish
to mentioned names in a public list. Suffice to say I have no intention 
of including their toolbar into my
products. My products have always been and always will be "clean". They 
have been certified on many
sites in that manner and we strive to keep customers happy in that way. 
I have received many of these
types of offers and I know I could make quite a good living off of it. 
However, I'm proud of my ethics in that

Glenn Jarvis

P.S. Appreciated everyone's feedback on the matter :)

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