[Dshield] Problem submitting logs from custom dev

MaXX bs139412 at skynet.be
Wed Aug 16 18:34:53 GMT 2006


Olivier Baltus wrote:
> Dear,
> I have quickly made a small app to send my router logs. But when I try the
> log generated by the application in the dshield online parser, no entries
> are recognized.
> Can someone help me?
Looks good for me, except that I can't find the last tab in the source 
of your message, and the lines were wrapped.

The test parser (dshield format) never worked for me (tabs are not 
pasted correctly in konqueror, no more luck with firefox).

I gave up, double checked my code, triple checked the input validation 
routine, then tried to submit a few lines (10 or something) and see if 
it was successfully parsed. That worked for me...

> 2006-08-14 11:27:10 +02:00	58293354	1	8
>	8	ICMP
My brain rejected this line... ICMP 8.8 ?? Is that something I don't 
know about?

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