[Dshield] Spam blocking validation

Andrew Willy andrewwilly at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 21:24:12 GMT 2006


Thanks in advance.

I'm interested comparing our spam filtering effectiveness to that of other
organizations in order to (hopefully) validate our efforts in this area.
Suggestions on the most effective methods to do this would be appreciated.
I will list some ideas/questions to hopefully illuminate what we'd like to

1) Is there data available on spam received by an average mid-size business,
and how much of that is blocked and how much is delivered to the end user?

2) What is a realistic expectation of false positives?  We strive for zero,
as I am sure everyone does, however at what percentage do we know we're
completely out of tune?

3) We experience waves of spam increase the spam messages a user receives
exponentially over a few days. I imagine these bursts are due to outbreaks
of new zombie malware -- is that a reasonable idea?

Thanks again.


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