[Dshield] SORBS question

Stasiniewicz, Adam stasinia at msoe.edu
Sun Aug 27 22:42:05 GMT 2006


Looks like Bellsouth's email server got itself listed on SORBS.  Looks
like a user of that server sent a message to one of the SORBS spam trap
addresses.  Your best bet is to report this to Bellsouth
customer/technical support.  They will (hopefully) figure out what user
sent mail to the SORBS spam trap, block that user, and request a removal
from SORBS.

You can also request the server that is filtering based on SORBS to add
the Bellsouth server to its whitelist.  But this is more of a workaround
than a fix.

Adam Stasiniewicz

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Does anybody have any experience with SORBS? This is my first time
experiencing a block by an ISP using SORBS.

I get a message like this. How can I stop this? I have forwarded it to
Bellsouth already, and have had a friend forward it to the ISP that
maintains the list that I'm sending to. Is there anything else that I
be doing?


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.net 018: Each of the following recipients were rejected by a
destination mail system.

Note: The reasons given by the destination mail system are included
to help you determine why each recipient was rejected.

Attempt to resend, or contact the recipient by alternate means to let
them know about the issue.

    Recipient: <[my mailing list]>
    Reason:    5.3.0 <[my mailing list]>... Message from
rejected - see http://sorbs.net/lookup?


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