[Dshield] Idea for dealing with ISPs that ignore abusenotificatons was RE: The Art/Tao/Zen of Abuse e-mails (Was:[Fwd: WHY IS YOURCUSTOMER...])

Abuse abuse at what4now.com
Mon Aug 28 05:51:39 GMT 2006

** Reply to message from Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu on Mon, 28 Aug 2006 00:54:13

> > The contents of this e-mail are confidential to the ordinary user of the
> > e-mail address to which it was addressed and may also be privileged. If
> > you are not the addressee of this e-mail you may not copy, forward,
> > disclose or otherwise use it or any part of it in any form whatsoever.
> Point out to your legal eagles that this is *really* stupid on e-mail sent to
> a worldwide mailing list - as it isn't *addressed* to any of the actual
> *recipients*.  As such, I'm technically abusing the "or otherwise use it" clause
> in order to reply to your note.  Ah well.. Should I follow your implied request
> in "I'm interested in brainstorming further" and hit send, or the explicit
> "do not use" request and hit cancel?

I also think it is stupid and unenforcible.  If it shows up in my mailbox it
was sent to me, whether it was supposed to be sent to me is another question. 
So what would I be violating if I "copy, forward, disclose or otherwise use it".

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