[Dshield] Under attack by bloggers

Kevin kkadow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 05:16:52 GMT 2006

On 1/31/06, Malcolm Warden <malcolm.warden at virgin.net> wrote:
> ... post links back to increase its  master's site rating with Google etc).

You are using rel="nofollow" on links, as recommended by Google?

On 1/31/06, warwick ackfin <warwick7th at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sure you could forward the traffic to an abuse page or something
> at Google or Blogspot but I'm not sure there's anything they could do
> to stop it short of killing the offending blogs.

Every blog on blogger has a 'flag' link at the top of the main index page,
a bit of javascript which calls a FLAG_BLOG servlet.

I'm not sure if/when/how Blogger actually acts on these flags?

>  Even then the
> badguys just stand them back up under a different name.  The source IP
> addresses used to spam your phpbb site and my blog are usually forged
> so it's all but impossible to track down the actual humans or 0wn3d
> machines responsible.

Truly "forging" source IP addresses on a TCP session is non-trivial.
I assume what you mean is that the spammer connects through a relay,
a chain of open proxies?

> I'm a big fan of Google's search engine(who isn't) but their behavior
> as a corporation is really beginning to bug me. This is just another
> example.  Perhaps the inmates are now running the asylum...

Google is aware of abuse of pagerank, and is developing new
relevancy algorithms.

> > Anyone have any ideas about the best way to pass this on to blogger.com
> > or Google  themselves?
> > I could easily automate the whole thing to forward the links by e-mail.

Spamming google's abuse mailbox is likely not a good answer.

Automatically calling the FLAG_BLOG servlet seems less intrusive,
but also less effective.

> > Any other suggestions on what else to do?

Refuse to permit posting from IP addresses which appear on DNSBLs as
being open HTTP proxy gateways?


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