[Dshield] Blackworm liability with ISPs?

Anonymous Squirrel anonymous.squirrel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:28:31 GMT 2006

Do we *really* want to get lawyers involved?  That sounds like a great way
to increase costs, suppress innovation and progress, drive smaller yet
better run companies out of business, and greatly limit connectivity.  Sure,
the thought of dragging miscreants into court sounds satisfying, but who
actually "wins" in a court case?  The lawyers.  Everyone else loses, some
more than others.

I believe we can construct a better operating model without the assistance
of lawyers.

o We need better engineering in consumer devices.  Many examples of failures
have appeared on this list, like default "administrator" installs.

o We need better consumer education.  Today's education is poor to
non-existent.  For example, my daughter is taking a computer fundamentals
class in college.  She, a member of the most connected generation in
history, is learning how to format documents in Word.  What Word has to do
with today's fundamentals is beyond me. Entry level classes could address
the basics of connectivity, trust, and protection.

o We need accountability -- the accountability of the marketplace, and not
the accountability of courts.  What if there were reliable rating systems
for the security of consumer devices and software?  Although the development
of those rating systems will likely entail massive efforts in standards
development (and periodic rating changes based on the quality of support),
the end result has to be better than everyone suing everyone else for faults
real and imagined.

Others on this list can probably come up with better ideas.  Let's not make
the irrational step of reaching out to lawyers to solve problems.  History
shows that doesn't always work, and when it works, it seldom works well.

On 2/2/06, Rick Klinge <rick at famhost.com> wrote:
> >
> > So if we can't hold the ISP to shame, who else?
> > * The person that sells the computer?
> > * The user ?
> >
> The people and companies that wrote the software,ie: Microsoft and malware
> writers come to mind.
> ~Rick

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