[Dshield] Blackworm liability with ISPs?

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Thu Feb 2 15:57:51 GMT 2006

> So why not license computer users? 

Aside from the "cultural aspect", there is not much sense to have an
"internet license" for end users as long as the rule and the technology
keep changing at the pace they are changing now.

For a drivers license, you can pretty much assume that the basic rules
of the road will remain the same over the next 50 or so years. Cars
essentially still operate the same way they did 50 years ago, even if
particular details changed.

However, if you got an "Internet Users License" 10 years ago, what you
learned is pretty much useless now.

This is of course different for "professional licenses", and thats
probably the first point of attack if you are looking for something like
a license.

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