[Dshield] Blackworm liability with ISPs?

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Thu Feb 2 23:13:55 GMT 2006

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> 5) Reduce the skill level necessary to maintain a consumer 
> computer.  Other than market resistance (from both consumers 
> and suppliers), this option
> holds the most promise.   The less consumers can mess up, the 
> better off we
> will all be.
> I don't see the problem as an engineering problem, the 
> matching of a computer's security maintenance and operational 
> requirements with the capabilities of the operator.  I don't 
> see it as a legal problem, as insurance problem, a remote 
> access problem, or any other problem.
> Until the engineering improves, nothing is solved.

Why does this come to mind?

"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build
bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce
bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning". - Rich Cook

Same can be applied to creating dumbing down the skill level.
Isn't that what a certain Redmond based company tried to do?
That's where your engineering problem comes in.
If you try to create the perfect idiot proof solution, a whole new breed of
idiots will come along.

Give a million monkeys a copy of Visual Studio and in no time at all you'll
end up with - insert own flavour - 

Although we can scold the end user, can we ever really 'blame' them.  We
give them the tools to create havoc, the access to create havoc and expect
them to 'learn' in an ever changing environment to adapt to new
threats/technological advantages (when all the wanted to do was read the
BBC/CNN website, Skype to their long lost brother in Australia and download
the odd few thousand naughty pictures of Angelina Jolle when tempted by one
of the hundred or so Spam mails they get each day).
You will never be able to educate the uneducated.

The engineering must be at a higher level than the end user base: Mr Cook
defined it perfectly.



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