[Dshield] Blackworm liability with ISPs?

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Fri Feb 3 13:01:54 GMT 2006

At 4:33 PM -0600 2/2/06, Frank Knobbe wrote:
>So, what's the course of action I wonder. Sue all those ISPs where the
>contact emails bounced due to inaccurate email listings? Can ICANN
>revoke their domain or netblock due to false information being listed?
>If if they can, will they?

Well, some registrars and ARIN have started updating their whois with 
the fact that the contacts are unknown you just have to report them.

Seems to me that too many here have harped on the low end ISP cost 
model to explain that ISPs have no margin to do right (an assertion 
that I still disagree with but we won't go there).

Well, we can identify most dialup blocks (and it would be even easier 
if all dialup provisioners id'd their blocks) and minimize our 
exposure to those as we see fit. Its the always on, wideband, high $ 
connection ISPs that need to be discussed. They have the $ and some 
have less networking expertise than Joe Sixpack.


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