[Dshield] Blackworm liability with ISPs?

bpennell@coxhealthplans.com bpennell at coxhealthplans.com
Fri Feb 3 22:19:31 GMT 2006

Just when I thought that thread was dead.

Since you're referring to Blackworm in the Subject, I'm assuming you're
condoning the monitoring of email by my ISP?

No thanks...   

Your solution sounds too much like AOL/ATF/RIAA/KGB/Gastapo.

Brent Pennell

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The problems here sound like what we were discussing a few weeks ago in 
the thread "Possible solution for ISP".  I know some of you were 
wondering when I'd bring this up, and I'm glad you were.  It shows that 
I'm not the only one that sees a parallel between this thread and that 
one. :)

Just for refreshing everyone's memory, here is what was discussed... a 
"typical" scenario if you will.  Below is a list of benefits for this 
system, and the list was updated based on discussion in the prior 
thread.  Thanks to everyone's kind input.

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