[Dshield] Being a good Internet citizen - best practices?

David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Sun Feb 5 00:06:08 GMT 2006

Some points to ponder:

> 0) Install a backup system and back up *all* important data. Test your 
> backups.
> And yes, you need to backup the raid-5 you have too - those things 
> *can* fail.
> Make sure you have an off-site copy (not at an employee's home if you 
> can help
> it) of the backups, just in case. If all else fails, rent a safe 
> deposit box at
> a local bank and keep a current set there.... This may not make you a 
> better
> internet citizen, but you'll be glad when you hear the high-pitched 
> whine of a
> drive going bad...

I recommend against using bank safety deposit boxes for magnetic media 
since the boxes themselves can have magnetic fields which wipe out the 
data you are trying to protect.  Proper investigation of your offsite 
storage location will help and is always a good idea.  Also, what 
happens when your disk array fails and it is a bank holiday?  Can you 
get your backups in a timely manner?

> 5) Deploy alternate operating systems and/or browsers when 
> appropriate.  I don't
> expect you to convert *everything* to Linux using Firefox - but if you 
> convert
> half, then if something gets loose, you'll still have half your boxes. 
> See
> http://www.ccianet.org/papers/cyberinsecurity.pdf\

See http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/FirefoxMyths.html  You're 
talking about Linux/Firefox, on Windows if you really want to use the 
most secure browser you need to switch to Opera.  Personally I am hooked 
on Firefox for the extensions it offers.  Opera and Firefox have a very 
similar feature set and I can get almost the same level of ad blocking 
in Opera while using Privoxy, but I miss my extensions and all those 
little tweaks which make Firefox fun to use.


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