[Dshield] Bushe's recent visit to the NSA...

Stasiniewicz, Adam stasinia at msoe.edu
Sun Feb 5 03:55:24 GMT 2006

Call me crazy, but I am betting they have some "other" stuff on those
screens when the cameras are not around.  They probably have that screen
layout for times when they have any type of visitors and don't want to
make it too painfully obvious that they are hiding what is normally
displayed (i.e. they put this publicly accessible information up,
instead of simply turning off the screens).

Think about, how many average people when looking at that screen would
know that all of it can be found out in 10 seconds via Google?  Also why
would the NSA care about public viruses, hacking tool versions, and
blocked IP traffic?

Adam Stasiniewicz 
Computer and Communication Services Department 
Milwaukee School of Engineering 
MSCE: Messaging & Security 2003 

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> Spotted by Fyodor.  Click on the picture, and note what's in the lower
> left. ;)
> http://www.insecure.org/nmap/nmap_inthenews.html#bush

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