[Dshield] Bushe's recent visit to the NSA...

Kees Leune C.J.Leune at uvt.nl
Mon Feb 6 09:01:51 GMT 2006

On 02/05/2006 01:46 PM, TheGesus wrote:
> On 2/4/06, Stasiniewicz, Adam <stasinia at msoe.edu> wrote:
>> Call me crazy, but I am betting they have some "other" stuff on those
>> screens when the cameras are not around.  They probably have that screen
>> layout for times when they have any type of visitors and don't want to
>> make it too painfully obvious that they are hiding what is normally
>> displayed (i.e. they put this publicly accessible information up,
>> instead of simply turning off the screens).
> This is the page they're showing.  You can even see the "full screen"
> button in the photo op shot.
> http://securitywizardry.com/radar.htm
> What a joke.  Makes you wonder if they've ever been goatse'd.

As with all government institutions, the most important thing is to secure
the next round of funding. Usability comes second to that, and you have to
admit: the screen does look kind of impressive to the your average
joe-computer-user; let alone Mr. B.
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