[Dshield] AOL and Yahoo to change for mail delivery

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Mon Feb 6 20:19:10 GMT 2006

Big ISPs had special programs for a long time, where they did not scan
e-mail from particular senders for spam. In the past, a mailing list
company had to prove that it played by the rules (honor unsubscribe
requests, validate email addresses to make sure they are current and so

The new system would require these companies to pay a fee, in addition
to them complying with common "best practices".

If you don't pay, you will still be able to send e-mail. However, your
e-mail may get stuck in the AOL spam filter. So this new rule will not
change anything for regular users.

Jim McCullough wrote:
> The AOL information snippet made slashdot.org on Thursday.  There was also a
> blurb mentioning Yahoo following suit with the same item.  I am wondering if
> this will become a trend or will be one of those things that public outcry
> forces abandonment on.  Link for the article on slashdot below.

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