[Dshield] AOL and Yahoo to change for mail delivery

young.lee@gsa.gov young.lee at gsa.gov
Tue Feb 7 15:08:09 GMT 2006

I read the fine prints and according to the statement, this only applies to
businesses, not personal users.
And it makes sense.  Businesses that subscribes to this plan would receive
guarantee that their e-mails would not be filtered.
On the otherhand, this would deter phishers and scammers.  Afterall, it
only takes 100,000 e-mails before they are forced to fork over $ 1000.

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** Reply to message from Tom <dshield at oitc.com> on Sun, 5 Feb 2006 11:47:17

> In case you missed reading this in your Sunday paper, AOL and Yahoo
> plan to charge 0.25 to 1 cent per incoming email for guaranteed
> delivery. Both refuse to use bondedsender.org, hul.habeas.com,
> exemptions.ahbl.org or isipp.com.  They say its "to help fight spam"
> but it looks to me as just an attempt to extort money to raise
> profitability. Thoughts?

This charge is for the sender (they must sign up for the service) so that
do not get their email filtered by AOL or YAHOO spam filters.

It will be good AOL's and YAHOO's bottom line charging for something that
should be doing now.  Another reason to not use AOL or YAHOO (that is if
needed another reason).
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