[Dshield] AOL and Yahoo to change for mail delivery

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Tue Feb 7 19:56:11 GMT 2006

** Reply to message from Jim McCullough <jim.mccullough at gmail.com> on Mon, 6
Feb 2006 15:47:11 -0500

> HTML email........... now I am missing the early 1990's.  *sigh* the
> days of text.    It's not only the html we have to worry about now
> though, but the rdf emails also.  Too many times do I have to decode
> rdf docs to text, or save the email to view it with another
> application at home.    I have unfortunately notices a large number of
> emails to my wife, kids, parents, ect. are composed using rdf instead
> of html.   Now I have something else to read through and try to protec
> my family from.  Friends around home.... they break it, I fix, they
> pay.  Usually food is a good option with a 14 and a 10 y/o trying to
> clean out the fridge every 3 or 4 hours.

I just reply and tell them to send text email only.  I see no advantage to
other forms of email as most of it is just various icons to decorate their text
with which adds no information.  I someone needs to send a document then send
it as an attachment.

Email to/from this household is text only.

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