[Dshield] Heavy spamming vs DoS?

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We are seeing the same thing. I have mentioned this earlier in this forum. 

It seems they are trying to confuse antispam or IDS by hammering the SMTP
with connections. Most of the multiple connections like this we see are RBL
and are rejected. 

As systems get faster and networks get broader, I am sure the spammer will
try hard to take advantage of it.

M. McBride
Security Admin
Vancouver, Canada

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> Before the new year most everything was below 100 attempts, now I'm
> regularly seeing attempts that run for an hour and generating 
> 100's of connection attempts. Is anyone else seeing a change in 
> spammer tactics like this or am I just lucky? ;)

I can't confirm this from here. The number of spam messages keeps constant -
even over week ends and holidays. It's just the amount of successfully
delivered mail that varies. 


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