[Dshield] INFOcon tray alert - "no data"

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Sat Feb 11 15:36:12 GMT 2006

It connects to isc.sans.org ( on port 80, and is looking for the infocon feed info of the web page. Nothing wrong with
the feed today, at least right now. Just checked by restarting mine, it connected successfully.

If restarting the tray app doesn't cure your trouble (that may be needed on rare occasion) then it would seem the trouble is on your
end. Not familiar with that firewall at all, but it may need some tweaking...

Good luck!


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I am having the same problem as initially reported by Viking, this started after the installation of our new Astaro firewall. I have
tried white listing the obvious domains (i.e. sans.org, incidents.org...) to allow the applet to communicate but no luck so far.
Anyone know where this applet is looking for info?

- Hamilton

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