[Dshield] Heavy Spam

Arthur Neville ajnevman at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 17:18:34 GMT 2006

  Problem: Several users within our corporate network are receivers of heavy spam, daily
  Solutions we have in place:  We have Symantec Mail Security enabled but our admins have yet to fine tune it so it does not deny everything that passes the wire, so we still get hammered.
  Question: Any way to determine the extent that these users email address has been compromised, or if any bots are active on our net, or if these users themselves are being used as Zombies?????
  I'm a App Specialist and quite frankly am just interested in possible explanations to the prob to offer to our Net and Sys Admins.....
  Any help or if more info is needed just give me a more detailed question and I will see if I can detail my response accordingly
  Thank You
  Arthur Neville

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