[Dshield] Strange http gets

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Mon Feb 13 12:36:45 GMT 2006

Hash: RIPEMD160

I would guess that you are dealing with some kind of anonymizing proxy.
In particular due to the fact that HTTP/1.0 is used (not 1.1). Also, the
'Accept' line is very limited. Could also be a bad behaved spider script.

Jeff Kell wrote:
> This ring a bell for anyone?:
>> GET http://www.utc.edu/[removed]/[removed]/about.htm HTTP/1.0
>> Accept: text/html, text/plain
>> Accept-Encoding: text/html, text/plain
>> Accept-Language: en
>> User-Agent: mpbjvtaqSafowhyinwbufvmyt
>> Host: www.utc.edu
> Note the weird User-Agent.  I've seen random strings appearing here.  I
> can't guess what they're up to... if they had a Referrer: tag I'd
> suspect link spamming, but there is no referrer.  I don't have access to
> the server access logs at the moment to see what else came from the same
> source, but thought I'd ask in advance if someone has seen this
> behavior.  Are these some little crude crawlers trying to harvest email
> addresses?  Or some other nefarious purpose I haven't thought of?
> Jeff
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