[Dshield] Recommendation for home router

steven parks sparks at IDEAL.COM
Mon Feb 13 21:48:47 GMT 2006

can anyone speak to the bandwidth available through one of those linksys
routers flashed to linux. I'm currently using ipcop on a pentium 166 and I
can get 8 million bit per second downloads through my Comcast cable modem
(nice :-)
I recently had the opportunity to try a linksys (befvp41) and a netgear
(fvs318) router (they weren't mine so I couldn't modify them)  I only got
about 6mbs through them.
normally that would be good enough (how many sites can deliver files that
fast right?). Still, I just don't like the idea of losing bandwidth.

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On 13 Feb 2006 at 9:55, michael wrote:

> IPCop is a good home router, I just set mine up lastnight and so far it's
> been great, it took less then 10min to set up on my old P180 Pro.
> www.ipcop.org

I'm trying to get away from running yet another pc 24x7 since this is 
in the home.

Years ago, I used FWTK on linux for firewalling but that was where I 
worked where paying for the electricity for one more computer wasn't 
an issue.

Wes S

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