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Tue Feb 14 02:14:46 GMT 2006

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> has anyone seen this?
> http://www.computerworld.com/securitytopics/security/story/0,1
> 0801,108643,00.html?source=NLT_PM&nid=108643
> I hope they hang them.

Not good enough...

I have a windows box that I am going to modify that I will run some sort of
open source "all singing all dancing" attack detection kit.

I will then modify the software to send a line hi on the parallel when an
attack is seen, which is connected to some test kit I have from an old
When the line goes hi it drops a relay and controls a 240V source (Can you
see where this is going).

I then set up the Sans front screen showing the time to live, whilst
connecting said machine to said offenders testicles. As there are a two of
them (offenders, can't be sure about testicles), I could even parallel
punish the offenders.

I'd then point out the "Sans Time to Live" of an unprotected PC, whilst
switching off my Linux box firewall... (Having first switched off all the
other machines in the house).

Heck, I would set up a webcam of the lot if only that I knew the box
wouldn't stay up long enough to broadcast his pain....

Heck, it wouldn't be my fault. He'd be doing it to himself, or friends of
his more like.

String the lot of em up... 


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