[Dshield] MS06-006 exploit ITW?

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Fri Feb 17 02:10:52 GMT 2006

TheGesus wrote:
> We just got a small burst (6 hits) of "Exploit-MS06-006.gen"
> detections on our AV moments ago.  McAfee added this to their daily
> DAT yesterday.  Of course, the MS06-006 patch came out the day before.

Looks like you may be seeing a McAfee boo-boo. From McAfee:
"The 4699 dat files have been released early due to an incorrect identification in the 4698 dat files.

The 4698 dat files are incorrectly identifying certain HTML files as being Exploit-MS06-006.gen.  If you are not seeing this incorrect identification within your environment there is no need to update your dat files to this new release."

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