[Dshield] Question on Skype

Henderson, Henry Henry.Henderson at oa.mo.gov
Fri Feb 17 16:23:41 GMT 2006

You need to isolate the VOIP from your data connection.  In other words
have two IP connections, the bandwidth can cause a data bandwidth
concern.  It also need different rules/policy on your firewalls/routers.

Henry Henderson
Missouri Office of Administration
Information Technology Services Division
Information Security Management Office
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I now have several remote users and they are interested in using skype
as their main method of communication.  I am not a user of it at all,
and as such I am rather unfamiliar with it.  Their main page seems to
give some info about it, but I was wondering what the response would be
from the security minded folks at dshield.  Is it secure? I realize that
once it hits a public line it is no longer encrypted, but when it is ip
to ip and over the internet is it secure?  I see it uses Rijndael
encryption, but I thought I remembered reading some time ago that this
type of encryption could be cracked theoretically.  Am I confusing this
with something else.  Please point me in the right direction.  I do not
want the users to have a false sense of security.
We are planning a corporate move to voip by year end anyhow, so this
just might be temporary.  Thanks.  Just trying to stay informed.
Richard Roy
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