[Dshield] Question on Skype

Craig craig at reswob.net
Fri Feb 17 16:48:09 GMT 2006

I don't know much about Skype other than what I've heard since I've 
started a VoIP project.  Skype has had it's share of vulnerabilities 
lately.  I believe the latest version has patched all that have been 
found (or rather all that have been publicly disclosed).  A good place 
to start learning about VoIP security is a podcast I've been listening 
to for the past couple of months:  http://www.blueboxpodcast.com/.  I've 
learned a LOT from these guys.  Also, the Voice over IP Security 
Alliance (http://www.voipsa.org/) has some good information as well as a 
mailing list. 

Skype is more of a peer to peer technology and VoIP generally doesn't 
like NAT, so there are a couple of issues for you to consider.

Craig L. Bowser
VOIP Security Engineer
SRA International, Inc.
craig.bowser1 at us.army.mil
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Richard Roy wrote:
> I now have several remote users and they are interested in using skype
> as their main method of communication.  I am not a user of it at all,
> and as such I am rather unfamiliar with it.  Their main page seems to
> give some info about it, but I was wondering what the response would be
> from the security minded folks at dshield.  Is it secure? I realize that
> once it hits a public line it is no longer encrypted, but when it is ip
> to ip and over the internet is it secure?  I see it uses Rijndael
> encryption, but I thought I remembered reading some time ago that this
> type of encryption could be cracked theoretically.  Am I confusing this
> with something else.  Please point me in the right direction.  I do not
> want the users to have a false sense of security.
> We are planning a corporate move to voip by year end anyhow, so this
> just might be temporary.  Thanks.  Just trying to stay informed.
> Richard Roy
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