[Dshield] Network / Endpoint Admission Control

Mark markt442 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 20 00:48:54 GMT 2006

I just came back from RSA and spoke with a number of
vendors in this space. What type of organization and
more importantly - what are your overall goals?

Some information to consider - most in the industry
refer to NAC as a way of allowing access based on the
end system's "health". Health is computed a number of

Many larger installs are using open systems from
vendors such as Sygate (now Symantec), Zone (now
Checkpoint), Lockdown Networks, and many others. Also
for consideration is Microsoft's NAP - which for those
in the beta program, the February release fixes a few
802.1x enforcement method bugs.

Look at the "openness" of the system. Vendors such as
Cisco talk about being open, but in reality they are
"partly open". Hey, if you are running a Cisco network
- they are open on the compliance side. Other network
vendors such as Enterasys Networks with their
Enterasys Sentinel product are open on both the
compliance side and were talking at RSA about being
open on the network side (3rd party switch support) in
a near future release.

What is important to you? Is it mono-dimensional
(healthy/sick) or is it multi-dimensional?

Thoughts are welcome.


From:	"Sandip Wadje-Infosec" <mynetsec at gmail.com>
Subject:	[Dshield] Network / Endpoint Admission
Date:	Tue, 14 Feb 2006 23:43:14 +0530
To:	unisog at lists.sans.org

        We are considering implementation of NAC
appliance / framework 
our organization.
As we can see along with CISCO a lot of other vendors
have come up with 
Security Solutions.


But no specific information as to how much its
accepted in the industry 
Infonetics has published future growth prospectus for
 but examples of implementation in fortune 500 or
large enterprises is 

If any one can point to:

1.Statistics of NAC implementation
2.Related case studies or
3. Usefulness of NAC in his organization

 Will be a great factor on deciding the

Thanks in advance.


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