[Dshield] Question on Skype

Norberto Meijome sys at meijome.net
Mon Feb 20 03:13:35 GMT 2006

Jeff Kell wrote:
>  Since it uses a later variation on fast track [Kazaa]
> protocol, I'm guessing it (can|does) operate in a "supernode" role.  
AFAIK, that is not true - the P2P stack used in Skype is not related to
FT, other than by the fact that the same group of people developed both.

Also, don't forget that Skype is a semi-hybrid-P2P network - a) there
are central servers holding user account information and billing
information; b) there are "special nodes" (aka supernodes, though not
sure if that's how they are really called in Skype-related terminology).
> The
> question that remains unanswered in my book is how it determines to be a
> "supernode".  Is it default?  Is it user-configurable?  Is it a
> disguised user setting that somehow says "click me"?  Does the software

by the usual measuring yard, I would assume : powerful machine, without
a firewall in the way of Skype's ports (ie.. there may be a firewall,
but not blocking incoming ports), reliable connection (online for many
hours at a time). AFAIK is not configurable by the end user, but rather
by the software / network.

WHY would you want to allow incoming connections to your skype? simply
to accelerate your skype-traffic :) Security issues aside , if both
parties in a skype transaction are behind firewalls (which block
incoming traffic to the skype ports) then their transaction has to be
relied via a 3rd party, which makes the whole thing very slow.


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