[Dshield] Recommendation for home router

Chris Buechler dshield at chrisbuechler.com
Mon Feb 20 05:59:18 GMT 2006

Mark wrote:
> It wouldn't be hard to test with two computers running
> iperf. If you don't have a linux system, I've seen
> some success running under cygwin. 

Don't need to use cygwin.  There's a Windows binary of iperf available 
from the iperf site. 

iperf is good for testing the maximum single connection throughput of a 
device.  But what can be far more telling with routers and firewalls is 
how well they scale when under the load of many simultaneous 
connections.  Some that perform well on a single connection may perform 
horribly when loaded with hundreds or thousands of simultaneous 
connections (which is common with some applications, like BitTorrent is 
a good example). 

To translate that to a real world outcome, a given router or firewall 
may be able to handle, say, 8 Mbps with an HTTP download, but maybe only 
2 Mbps with BitTorrent.  (theoretical numbers for illustrative purposes 


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