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Lou Hablas Louis.Hablas at rzim.org
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What version of Exchange, Arthur?

If it's anything less than Exchange 2003, you're probably so "owned"
that a complete rebuild may be necessary.  Also, what kind of shape is
your network in?  Do you have solid desktop AV and Spyware protection?
If "Yes" on the latter question, I'd focus on your Exchange box

I inherited a network several years ago that was running Exchange 5.5
Unfortunately, my predecessor was not a "network guy" and this box was
in bad shape - I was able to verify that it was not acting as an open
relay and the server was not on any RBL's, but it was spewing SPAM
internally to the tune of thousands of emails per day and despite my
efforts to identify how/why, it continued.  Trend ScanMail did a job of
grabbing a lot of it, but a lot got through.  Eventually I was able to
purchase a new box and the transition from 5.5 to 2003 began...using
MSFT's documentation, it was actually a very easy migration.  Once
migrated, I put GFI's MailEssentials and MailSecurity in place and
watched total incoming SPAM drop to a paltry 16% of total incoming mail
and most of the SPAM is dropped once identified as such.  The difference
has been HUGE.

All of this said (and assuming you are running Exchange 5.5), I'd work
fast and furious on migrating to 2003...then I'd work on getting
delisted from the RBL's.

Good luck!!


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  I posted before about how my domain is being whacked by Spam and how
some users are contsantly getting hammered
  I checked our public facing email server to see if its an Open
  I was able to telnet into 25 and send mail from the outside hmmmmm
  We use an intranet and within that intranet there is windows
integrated authenticated, we are using Outlook Web Access and Outlook
Mobile Access for our smartphones
  I heard one of the WinAdmins speak about needing SMTP to communicate
between the servers and that there are no open relay's.... duhhhh guess
  I went to one of the sites that checks the site to see if it is on any
DNSBNL's and voila we are on about 50 dnsbl's on the net.....
  Does that mean we have someone using our server as an open relay ???
  Or we have someone who has some bots on his box or boxes....
  In any event....thats the scoopla, I am well versed in the art of
reading so if you have some links or info that would be helpful that
would be kewl

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