[Dshield] WINSNORT

Sue Young syoung at gcmlp.com
Thu Feb 23 19:17:33 GMT 2006

I run it successfully.  I run it as a service and use Base as a front
end. I'm seriously considering going with the professional RNA console
but running the free one is great for getting used to managing an IDS

Sue Young

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Here's a question from a somewhat new-to-this member. 
Is WINSNORT a stable IDS for WIN32? (http://www.winsnort.com) 
Can you install it on an existing server? (the install instructions say
to install on new OS). I assume that would be for a gateway IDS system.
Will it work on a standalone box?
Any info or experiences with this would be much appreciated.
M. McBride
Security Admin
Vancouver, Canada
Learn about Intrusion Detection in Depth from the comfort of your own

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