[Dshield] An Assignment From Professor Packetslinger of the School of Loose Screws

Jim McCullough jim.mccullough at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 20:27:11 GMT 2006

Ok,  someone did more than have a few Loose Screws on this.  Who has
the arsonal of Clue Bats??!!  Lets not forget the changes in the laws
that would target this type of action as a "terrorist act"  according
to the US Gov and some of the other countries.  Talk about setting one
self, and one's students up for failure.  My humble'd; non-IT degreed
opinion is that this poor Prof needs to attend a few ethics classes. 
Perhaps the school's legal department was totally bypassed on this
one.   This type of action by a "formalized" educational institution
is just the type of bad publicity that the press could use against all
security professionals.  This might be worthy of the security
professionals and the application builders to put some serious
smackdown on said institution.  Especially the Open Source application
builders who would have some serious negative feedback from this type
of "educational assignment".  Oh I forgot the potential conviction for
the students, and lifetime of crap to endure from a conviction for
being a packet mangler for malicious purpose.

Jim McCullough
*nix - the only OS for getting some serious work done without
interferance from people one never met, trying to tell you how to do
your job.

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