[Dshield] Are you using spf records?

Tony Nichols tony at mail.applog.com
Thu Jan 5 17:58:08 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 19:40 +1300, Martin Forest wrote:
> Happy new year to all of you.
> I have done some minor research with SPF records. It is nice to see that  
> several of the big domains such as hotmail, msn, aol etc have started to  
> use SPF records. Especially as they are often used in forged emails. With  
> them posting spf, it is now possible to block the spam  bots that use  
> their "from addresses".
> How many of you have spf records on your domains?
> Thouse of you that don't have it, are you planning on it?
> How many of you are using spf as part of your spam filtering?
> I've done dns sniffing and can see more and more lookups for txt/spf  
> records for the emails.
> One interesting thing I've noticed is that several of the big banks in  
> APAC, that constantly experience phishing attacks, don't have SPF records!  
> Funny, with SPF records, any ISP/organization that look at spf records  
> would be able to reject the phishing attacks. Maybe it is "to hard work"  
> for them as they would only save several milion dollars per year...
> Best Regards
> Martin Forest
> Ps. If there is anyone on the list that don't know what spf is, have a  
> look at http://www.openspf.org
Yep... I added the txt record to our DNS. However I haven't found a mechanism that Postfix (suse 10)
 that is easy to set up.... but I keep watching ;-)

As for Yahoo and such... I still see bounces from them (forged sending
address) I really hate those poluting my inbox.

What MTA do you use, and what form did you implement?

t o n y

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