[Dshield] DShield's Public Goals

Frank Knobbe frank at knobbe.us
Thu Jan 5 20:11:59 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 14:11 -0500, David Cary Hart wrote:
> If spammers are using open proxies then they don't need a network of zombies to
> begin with.

Open proxies usually *are* zombies. We're not talking accidental SMTP
relay on your mail server, but full blown SOCKS. First, a computer is
born, grows up in the store and moves into an apartment of a loving
owner. Unfortunately, the computer is then violated by someone from the
Internet and turns into a zombie, providing mail spool services and
proxy capability, for the attackers to use for hate talks in dubious IRC

It is said, once a computer dies and turns into a zombie, they can not
be easily revived. A misused computer is marked for life. A zombie PC
will never be it was before, never be the same.

Is there a heaven for dead PCs? Will they encounter St. Moore at the
Pearly Nand-Gates?

aight, back to work...

It is said that the Internet is a public utility. As such, it is best
compared to a sewer. A big, fat pipe with a bunch of crap sloshing
against your ports.

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