[Dshield] MS WMF Patch leaked?

Brance Amussen brance at jhu.edu
Thu Jan 5 20:35:57 GMT 2006

Not leaked (anymore), looks like it is out... 


Also available via windowsupdate... 

Brance :)_S

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I am, but not at work.  I wouldn't recommend simply deleting it, as you may
well need it next time you put on patches (besides, Windows may
automatically restore it for you.)

I haven't had any significant problems at home since unregistering the DLL,
though some functionality is missing.


Quoting "Porter, Richard" <porterr at pebblebeach.com>:

> regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
> Is anyone using this work around? That DLL is the auto-render file for 
> WMF. I am considering just Yanking it across my network.

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