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L. Ruiz dianalucy00-sans at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 03:07:58 GMT 2006

--- Tim Hollebeek <tholleb at teknowledge.com> wrote:
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> This really pisses me off as I got a new copy of XP home
> with a new computer less than two years ago.  Having my
> OS go obsolete for security updates less than three years
> after I got it is completely unacceptable.
> -Tim
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The noteboooks I am looking at (sub $1000) all come with XP Home, no option to
upgrade to XP Pro.  This just makes me wait longer or forgo the PC and just get
a Mac.  I know, I know, I could purchase XP Pro--but I'd rather spend that
money on a Mac than pay for insecurity-is-us.  I bet since this is a fact you
have to dig up and most home users aren't even aware of this, most
manufacturers aren't going to care if they lose a few sales from those who know

Maybe it's time we advertised the fact that XP Home support ends on 31 December
2006, since we know what will happen come 1 January 2007.  Just what we need
another few million bot-happy computers.

- Linda Ruiz :(

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