[Dshield] BASE Project Lead

Kevin Johnson kjohnson at secureideas.net
Fri Jan 6 12:59:38 GMT 2006

Hi all-

First I would like to apologize for cross-posting.  I just want to get 
this out and I have to leave for work very soon.<grin>

Second I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and thank them for 
the last year of support for the BASE project.  Now on to year three!

Now to what I need, because you all know it is about me right<grin>

The BASE project is looking for a new project lead to replace me in day 
to day administration and development.  I am not leaving the project, 
just with all that I am involved in (SecTools, OSVDB, SANS and of course 
the new baby on the way!) and the work on 2.0, (which is WAY behind) I 
need some help.  Joel used to fill this position but then he got a 

Basically it would need to be someone who was willing to handle or 
filter support requests.  You would also need to manage the development 
team and accept patches.  Accepting patches means that you must have 
some type of PHP experience.  I would of course still be involved and 
helping you with the project.

If you are at all interested, please feel free to email me at 
kjohnson at secureideas.net.


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