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Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Fri Jan 6 14:35:04 GMT 2006

M Cook wrote:
> But you see, the more residential dynamic IP addresses are blocked, the
> fewer options the spammers have left, which I think is a Good Thing. 

Another Good Thing ISPs could do is to assign all residential/dynamic IP customers IPs in private address space and NAT their Internet connections. This could GREATLY cut down on the spread of worms (which I am defining as malware that propagates via network connections) because they would be limited to propagating on the ISP's private network and outside public address space. 

I have no idea the real number, but say the U.S. has 50 million residential users on the Internet using globally routable IPs. If we were to make all of those systems use private address space, that would be about 50 million less hosts that could be infected by a worm hopping from system to system. Granted, this would force malware propagation tactics to change, but it removes one more tool from the bad guy's arsenal. From an ISP's prospective, this would also be a Good Thing in that it would eliminate users running rogue servers, such as P2P, chat, etc.

Again, my $0.02.

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