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John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Fri Jan 6 15:57:13 GMT 2006


here is an idea for you.

Buy the notebook, lose the XP home, and install Ubuntu Linux.
Or if you can't stomach erasing the "value" of the installed OS from 
your disk, make it into a dual boot system.

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L. Ruiz wrote:

>--- Tim Hollebeek <tholleb at teknowledge.com> wrote:
>-- snip --
>>This really pisses me off as I got a new copy of XP home
>>with a new computer less than two years ago.  Having my
>>OS go obsolete for security updates less than three years
>>after I got it is completely unacceptable.
>-- snip --
>The noteboooks I am looking at (sub $1000) all come with XP Home, no option to
>upgrade to XP Pro.  This just makes me wait longer or forgo the PC and just get
>a Mac.  I know, I know, I could purchase XP Pro--but I'd rather spend that
>money on a Mac than pay for insecurity-is-us.  I bet since this is a fact you
>have to dig up and most home users aren't even aware of this, most
>manufacturers aren't going to care if they lose a few sales from those who know
>Maybe it's time we advertised the fact that XP Home support ends on 31 December
>2006, since we know what will happen come 1 January 2007.  Just what we need
>another few million bot-happy computers.
>- Linda Ruiz :(
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