[Dshield] WMF "wait for us"

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Fri Jan 6 16:59:32 GMT 2006

I'll second that besides ME, Home has got to be one of the flakiest.
For entertainment upgrade Home to PRO and let the fun begin ;)

Thanx, Paul

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I have to say that I have also found XP Home to be far less stable. That
could just be me and the systems I've experienced but that's my feeling.
I personally won't allow my family or clients to use XP Home in any
environment. I just don't see the point of limiting yourself to save a
couple bucks. Somewhere a few months later they'll want to do something
they can't.

Yes the support does end on Jan 1 2007 or Dec 31 2006 however you look
at it.


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Wes S wrote:
> On 5 Jan 2006 at 8:55, Tim Hollebeek wrote:
>> Compared to the decision to completely discontinue security support
>> for XP Home in less than a year (!), this decision is eminently
>> reasonable.
>> -Tim
> What?  I just bought my mom a XP home computer for Christmas.  Is this

> really true?

Here is MSFT's comparison page:


The missing "networking features" are unlikely to be used in a home

The only feature I would miss for home use is the encrypted file system
if you install it on a laptop. But for a desktop, thats probably less of
an issue (unless you have desktops walking away from you).


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