[Dshield] Surely Not?

stu secmail at patchsupplier.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 6 20:03:28 GMT 2006

UNIONTOWN -- A Stark County high school senior has been arrested and
charged for allegedly trying to crash his school's computer system.
Police say the student, created a website which connected to the
school's system.

When enough users logged on and hit the F5 button, it overloaded the
school's system.

But, Lake High School caught-on before the system crashed. Its computers
started slowing down.

"It's a crime and it is important we take this seriously ... especially
for school officials ... it could have done a tremendous amount of
damage," said Canton City Prosecutor Frank Fronchione.

Stone is charged with a felony and could face jail time.

But prosecutors say community service is more likely and disciplinary
action from the school.


Surely the people pressing F5 are liable? If I link to a website the
people who abuse that are liable?  How many people would they have
needed to refresh the page to cause it to slow down!?! What does
"tremendous amount of damage" actually refer to; I'd like to see the
description for releasing student records in comparison with trying to
DoS a web server.  

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