[Dshield] Surely Not?

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Haha, it was 2001 our school got rid of the Acorns and got a real PC in
the IT rooms, I managed to use a real OS for my final year. 

As with your post Joel, as you say maybe it was a page hosted on the
school box that had dynamic content that caused high CPU usage. Can't
find any more info on it, more may appear later. 

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Regardless of how far fetched it seems, if it was in the UK, the
would probably be the same machine handling the telecoms, the voicemail,
security system, time table analysis, email server, heating controls,
ordering system etc etc.

Not to mention that the principle couldn't gain access to
www.dodgypornsite.com during his break.

Not that our IT systems in schools are 20 years behind the rest of the
We probably still have kids hacking 386's.... (You think I am kidding)


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Quite possible, however, this also sounds like a fundamental
misunderstanding of computers in school.

Quick War Story. 10 years ago, I was in high school in "Keyboarding 1".
had a networked room full of IBM machines that ran nothing other than
Wordperfect.  (WordPerfect?  That was the one with the blue screen and
writing, and you had to know a lot of commands via Ctrl, and Atl and
to accomplish anything right?  Anyway...)

I figured out that the Administrators computer was networked to the room
share, (don't know if it was a netbios share or nfs..  but in retrospect
had to be netbios..)  and I figured out how to dump the program and
the Admin's computer, (then called a "Sysop", we should go back to that
title).  Well apparently there was another kid that sat over my shoulder
saw how I did it, and he did the same, the teacher caught us, didn't
us, and subsequently told the principal and we got suspended.  For
the Sysops password".

Did I do anything?  No.  Did the other kid do anything?  No.  But from
on I was known as the "Hacker" in the school, and went on later fixing
securing the entire schools networks (Appletalk and Netbios).  But this
story was all to illustrate the lack of understanding the the various
of Education around the US.

I bet the kid made a webpage, the administrators probably couldn't
out how he did it, and the page had some kind of live content.  A friend
tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on.
Eventually you have a school full of kids hitting
F5 to refresh some kind of stupid content on a web-page, which really
has no
impact in the real world.  Except to inadvertently bring this  
schools webpage down.  My guesses are, he's from a small town.   
(Uniontown is a rural suburb of Akron, OH, the former Tire capitol of


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