[Dshield] Admin rights on XP Home (was Re: WMF "wait for us")

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Sat Jan 7 16:37:21 GMT 2006

I suspect that it also reduces the amount of calls to user support when
'average joe home user' buys some new app and it won't install because it
needs Admin rights to do so.
It is probably easier for them to just default to Admin level rather than
have it set to user level and face 1000's of calls as to why my software
doesn't install. 

Instead they get 10000's of calls as to why is my PC infected.

Perhaps if they forced user level, home users would have to learn the
difference between a user and admin account (and the priviledge difference
between them). 


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One reason many XP Home accounts are 'administrator' (which is NOT the
default) is that many home-user programs (including some from Microsoft)
require administrator level privilege to run.  Games are common offenders in
this regard.

-E D Truitt

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