[Dshield] OS upgrades - Murphy's or Moore's Law?

mjost mjost at cox.net
Sat Jan 7 16:42:32 GMT 2006


Now that brings up an interesting point. I don't believe most hardware OEM
ships pc's with an OS software upgrade assurance, I maybe wrong, but I
haven't seen it other than with some sort of Open Licensing option that does
offer a next OS version upgrade path for a reduced price. But for the XP
Home version OEM pc's (tens of hundreds of millions shipped over four years)
have been bundled with a non-transferable OS license and without a free OS
upgrade path leaves a path of either upgrading your older slower hardware to
one of the latest hardware systems alone with newer OS version or just
upgrading your older OS version. 

Is the problem one of either Murphy's or Moore's Law, or both?

A pure marketing and profit aspect for sure. Noting that opportunity cost is
not the sum of the available alternatives, but rather of benefit of the best
alternative of them. 

This leads to a question, what did the OEM included version of the OS and
any upgrades really cost you?


>> Is there an article somewhere that talks about this dropping 
>> of XP Home security thing. I haven't seen that yet.

>Note that consumers only get 5 years of support from the 
>>product's RELEASE (*not* when you buy it).
>This really pisses me off as I got a new copy of XP home
>with a new computer less than two years ago.  Having my
>OS go obsolete for security updates less than three years
>after I got it is completely unacceptable.

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