[Dshield] WMF "wait for us"

L. Ruiz dianalucy00-sans at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 8 02:59:22 GMT 2006


Thanks for the reply.  But we already have a Centos or Redhat notebook.  Plus I
have one phrase as to why not:
Lotus Notes Client.

I have hundreds of megabytes in data in Notes DBs.  Don't have time to convert
to HTML nor the funds to purchase my own Domino server.  I know about Domino
hosting options, but this is not stuff I want on someone else's hardware.

I may still just bite the bullet and get the notebook and buy the XP Pro

Happy New Year!
- Linda Ruiz :)
--- "John B. Holmblad" <jholmblad at aol.com> wrote:

> Linda,
> here is an idea for you.
> Buy the notebook, lose the XP home, and install Ubuntu Linux.
> Or if you can't stomach erasing the "value" of the installed OS from 
> your disk, make it into a dual boot system.
> Best Regards,
> John Holmblad
> Televerage International
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