[Dshield] Possible solution for ISP

Freek de Kruijf f.de.kruijf at hetnet.nl
Tue Jan 10 16:39:12 GMT 2006

Op dinsdag 10 januari 2006 09:48, schreef Cefiar:
> I personally think that ISP's should allow the account owner to choose
> their level of protection:

I strongly oppose to giving the ISP a large role in this. For the moment I 
think they do have a role. But this role should more or less vanish in the 
near future.
The role of an ISP is to pass on all traffic and a small role in fighting 
abuse; mainly in processing complaints and passing them on to their 
customers with simple escalation and de-escalation procedures.

However we need a security device in between the local network and the 
network of the ISP. This security device should be easy configurable. A 
configuration for the naive user and grades above that. ISP's should make 
such a device a requirement for their customers. In case of abuse by/from a 
customer, access may depend on the security status of this device.

In my view current ADSL modems and alike already have part of these 
capabilities and it should not be much effort to add the above proposed 
facility to these devices.


Freek de Kruijf

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